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Famous Places to eat in Vadodara – Food tour

Vadodara is the cultural center of Gujarat, also its a foodie’s paradise. There are a number of old and famous places to eat in Vadodara. There are a number of places to eat, which have gained popularity among the food enthusiasts. During my stay at Vadodara, I visited all these eateries. Most of the time I had a great feast. If, you are visiting Vadodara, then you should visit these places to try out the taste of Vadodara. In this blog post I have to listed down all the famous places to eat in Vadodara, I have excluded the famous restaurants like AB’s, Barbeque Nation and others.

Gujarati Thali

When in Vadodara or Gujarat, you got to try Guajarati thali. It gives you a variety of Gujarati dishes on single plate. There are a number of restaurants in Vadodara that offer unlimited and limited Gujarati thali. I visited most of the restaurants serving Gujarati thali.

Gujarati Thali - Vadodara food tour
Gujarati Thali

Following two restaurants are my favorites to enjoy Gujarati Thali.

Sasumaa Gujarati thali

The sasumaa Gujarati Thali, Alkapuri is situated near the Vadodara railways station. I loved the Guajarati Thali served here. The unlimited thali is prices at ₹ 320. They serve 4 types of sabzi, gujarati dal & kadhi, bajra roti, dhokla, 2 types of sweets. Their Basundi is the best basundi I ever had.

Shree Kathiyawadi Khadki

The Kathiyawadi Khadki is famous for its authentic Khatiyawadi taste. This is perfect place to try out the Kathiyawadi food. If you are visiting in a group, I would suggest going for ala carte and order different items as there are quite different authentic kathiyawadi food items available here. The food is on the spicier side, but really tasty. Bajra rotla, sev tomato, ringan bharta, lahsaniya bataka are some of the items I ordered, all tasted amazing.

Mahakali Sev Usal

Mahakali sev usal is located near the famous Laxmi Vilas Palace. Sev usal is basically a kind of street food that gained popularity in Vadodara. Mahakali Sev usal is the most popular food joint offering Sev Usal and it is said that they were the ones that popularized this dish in Vadodara. Sev usal It is an amalgamation of spicy gravy, Sev (Namkeen), spring onions, spicy chutneys and soft buns. The overall taste of sev usal gets double if they use wood fire to cook the spicy gravy.

Duliram Pedavala

The brown colored peda of Mathura is quite famous. The Vadodara version of this brown peda can be found at Duliram Pedavala. The peda are made of khoa and coated with sugar powder. Along with pedas several other sweets like gulab jamun and barfi is also available.

Shriram Tamtamwala

We all have eaten different kinds of namkeen. How about a mixture of namkeens? The Shriram tamtamwala serves a very tasty dish which is a mixture of variety of namkeen and fruit pieces. The mixture is really yummy. We get to savor all sorts of flours while eating this. Loved it.

Shriram Tamtamwala- Vadodara food tour
Shriram Tamtamwala- Vadodara food tour

Dabeli at Bhai Bhai Dabeliwala

Dabeli originated in the kutch region of Gujarat. A very unique kind of masala is stuffed inside a bun and served with chutni. The Bhai Bhai Dabeliwala is one of the most famous shops to eat dabeli. I too went to the same shop, and I really liked the overall taste of Dabeli.

Dabeli - Bhai Bhai Dabeliwala
Dabeli – Bhai Bhai Dabeliwala

Raju Patti Samosa

Patti samosa is different from regular samosa in terms of the out layer. The outer layer of the Patti samosa is quite thin and crisp. At Raju patti samosa we get to eat different kinds of samosa like paneer samosa, jain samosa, potato samosa.

Raju Patti Samosa - Vadodara Food Tour
Raju Patti Samosa – Famous places to eat in Vadodara

Vishal Sandwich

Vishal sandwich is famous for its samosa sandwich. You got to visit this place for some yummy sandwiches. There are different varieties of sandwiches available here at reasonable prices.

Vishal Sandwich vadodara
Vishal sandwich – Famous places to eat in vadodara

Jagdish Farsan

Jagdish farsan is probably one stop for varieties of Guajarati food items. There are a number of food items that you must eat while you are in Gujarat and Jagdish Farsan provides maojory of them under one roof. I would recommend trying fafda jalebi, dhokla, khaman, thepla. Apart from eating the freshly cooked food items, you can pack your bags with items like bhakarwadi, chewda, khakhra, thepla and many other varities of packed food items made fresh by jagdish farsan.

Ratri Bazar

Ratri bazar translates to night market in English. By name, one might think of it as a shopping place. But it’s a food market that is opened till 4 AM. Ratri Bazar have food stalls for various kind of food items. The matka biryani is the one such famous item found in Ratri bazar.

Ratri Bazar vadodara
Ratri Bazar Vadodara

Jassi De Parathe

Jassi De Parathe is one of the best Punjabi food restaurants in Vadodara. As the name suggests, they offer different types of parathas. Apart from parathas they have main course items as well. The taste is really amazing, but the prices are on the higher side. Their lassi is loaded with nuts and really tasty.

Jassi De paranthe
Jassi De paranthe

Shree Nasta Center

Shree Nasta Center is basically a rediwala who serves delicious food items. This rediwala is located near Adani gas station (racecourse road). I love the dahi poha, puna misal, batata vada, dal vada, poha, Misal pav. I really love the dahi poha and dal vada at this place, a must try.

dahi poha and dal vada

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