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Summer time local fruits to eat in Shimla

Himachal Apples is the first fruit that comes to our mind whenever we talk about Himachal pradesh fruits. There are several other local fruits that are available in and around Shimla. While on the way to Shimla, you’ve observed fruit vendors sitting along the roadside selling local fruits. Relishing the taste of local fruits and local cuisine is one of the best things to do in Shimla, apart from enjoying the scenic beauty of Shimla.

A lot of people stop at these vendors to buy these fruits. In this blog post, I’m writing about some of these local Shimla fruit that are sold by these vendors. These are the fruits that are available during the summer season in and around Shimla district. I would recommend to buy these fruits from them, as they are not only fresh but also cheaper than the supermarkets.


This is a berry like fruit which is found in parts of Shimla district. Localities are big fans of this fruit that usually ripe in May and are available up to mid-June. Its a wild fruit that grows on its own in the jungle. Though its a sweet fruit, I like to eat it after sprinkling some salt on it. The market price of this fruit is quite high, but if you are stay is at a village side resort then you can enjoy unlimited access to kafal trees. Its believed to have numerous health benefits.


Khurmani also called Armenian plum, is also found in abundance in the rural areas of Shimla. It is also found in others districts as well. These ripe in May and June. Usually, you’ll find these near the farmlands and are unadulterated too, as people usually don’t spray anything on them as its not a cash crop. Apart from eating it raw, its dried form is also delicious. Villagers also make chutney (sauce) out of it, by mixing it with pudina. No matter how we consume it, it always delights me.

The seeds of Khurmani is believed to have medicinal properties. The seed of this fruit contains an almond like nut, called as giri /chulli in local language. This Giri can be eaten like almond. Also, oil is extracted out of it, which is used for massage purpose. This oil is called Himachal Chull oil, it have been granted GI tag by the central govt.

Khurmani Shimla fruit
Khurmani /apricots of Himachal Pradesh


Just like Khurmani trees, plum trees are also found near the farmlands and you can find these trees in abundance in nearby areas of Shimla town. These used to be a non cash crop and mostly a single variety was observed in a particular area. But, with changing times a lot of hybrid varieties have come up and people have started growing plum as a cash crop. Plums in Himachal are available in the June month. Apart from eating it as a fruit, we also make Plum jam and plum chutney (sauce) is a daily lunchtime add-in for the villagers.

Plum Shimla fruit
Plums of Himachal Pradesh


Peach is also known as Aadu (आडू) in himachal. Peach is not cultivated at large scale in Himachal. The total peach sales would be between 5-10 crores. Rajgarh region of Sirmaur district contributes to about 90% of the peach cultivation. The fruit is really yummy to eat. I personally like a peach which is not completely ripped but also not under ripped.

peaches of Rajgarh region
Peaches of Himachal Pradesh


Cherries are majorly grown in the high altitude areas of Himachal Pradesh. In Shimla district its grown in upper Shimla region. The areas around Narkanda are famous for cherry cultivation. To witness the Cherry orchards in Shimla district, you can travel to areas like Narkanda, Baghi, kotgarh, kumarsen and Rohru. Apart from from eating it fresh, it is also eaten after drying it. Also, fully ripped Cherries are used to make Cherry jam. Cherry is rich in anti-oxidants and its also rich in potassium, Magnesium and Calcium.

Cherries from Narkanda
Cherries of Himachal Pradesh


This Himalayan raspberry fruit has a different name in different parts of Himachal. In botanical terms its called Rubus ellipticus. This is also a wild fruit available in the jungles and is available in the moths in May and June. Fruit vendors don’t keep this because of low shelve life. To get a taste of this fruit, you need to visit rural areas nearby Shimla.

Green Almonds

When ever I see green almonds, I remind of the song Kacha Badam. The green almonds are available with these street vendors. In Shimla district, these almonds are cultivated around the Rampur Bushahr Region, in the Sutlej watershed area. Green almonds are rich in anti oxidants and essential nutrients that boost the immune system.

If you are searching for best places to eat in Shimla, then these street vendors selling local fruits should be in your list.

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