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Original Bawarchi restaurant of Hyderabad

Each place has some associated specialty in terms of food. And when we talk about Hyderabad, its the Biryani. Basically, for north Indians, Hyderabad means biryani capital. There are very good restaurants in Hyderabad that serve good biryani. This post is dedicated to one such restaurant, The Bawarchi restaurant, Nallakunta.

Bawarchi restaurant was inaugurated by Sunil Shetty in 1994. It is one of the oldest and most famous places to have biryani. It is said that it was started as a café and now the Bawarchi have become the paradise for biryani lovers. It is one of the tastiest biryani in Hyderabad. There are many restaurants in Hyderabad with the name “Bawarchi”. But according to Bawarchi restaurant, Nallakunta, “they have no branches”. Hence, all others are a fake copy of Bawarchi, RTC Cross Road,  Nallakunta.


The restaurant has both A/C and Non-A/C seating. We took the Non-A/C seating, as the weather was good. The Non-A/C seating is on the rooftop and its a good place to eat if the weather is good. The rooftop seating looks like any other roadside Dhaba and I liked the rawness of the same. I observed this place is one of those places that focuses on food quality instead of the lucrative ambiance. I’ve heard a lot of good stories about this restaurant. I’ve also heard that Its so much popular that we have to stand in a queue to get a table there. But, we were lucky enough to visit at a time when it was not much crowded and got a table easily.

The Food

For a non-Hyderabadi person, biryani from paradise restaurant is the most delicious one. Well, I’m not an exception to this stereotype. I feel this stereotype should break when I visited Bawarchi and other similar restaurants. At first, I want to tell you that this restaurant is popular between non-vegetarians. Most of the visitors were ordering non-veg biryani. If you are a non-vegetarian, this place is a real paradise. Their Chicken and mutton biryani are the most ordered dishes.

Being a vegetarian we ordered veg biryani, paneer butter masala, tandoori roti, and some soft drinks. As soon as veg biryani arrived, my mouth started watering from the exotic fragrance and the way it was garnished. The biryani was very well cooked and yummy. Luckily I didn’t get any ilaichi while eating. (wink)

The Bawarchi restaurant, RTC Crossroads, Nallakunta

The Paneer butter masala was as good as the veg biryani. In bread, we had ordered tandoori rotis, it was very well cooked and tasty. I would recommend you visit this restaurant. Coming to Prices now, I didn’t find this restaurant costly. The prices were justified according to their popularity and quality.
Overall, the experience was great. I would say if you are in Hyderabad, you should visit this restaurant.

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