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    Gurudwara Nanak Jhira Sahib, Karnataka

    The beautiful city of bidar is full of tombs. Apart from that, the city also has a major Sikh pilgrimage called Gurudwara Guru Nanak Jhira sahib. If you are planning to visit bidar, add this historically important place to your list. This shrine is having a very special importance in Sikhism and I feel lucky that I got a chance to visit this holy place on the very first day of the new year. I visited Gurudwara  Nanak Jhira Sahib on the 1st week of Jan and must say that the experience was awesome. It is a must-visit place in bidar. I couldn’t resist writing a blog post about it.  …

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    Living #BeyondTheEdge with ASUS Vivobook S15 – #AsusIndia

    with the advent of 4G services in India, the reach of internet-based services has increased many folds and hence creating a sea of opportunities. Many internet-based services have changed the conventional way of doing things. YouTube videos have replaced TV shows, shopping websites have replaced shops, e-papers/e-magazines have replaced print media, online games have replaced playgrounds and blogging has become more popular. Many people have garnered this opportunity and have taken up YouTube and blogging as a profession and some entrepreneurial minds have started an online business and some have developed apps/websites and are earning through it. Live the dream with ASUS VivoBook S15 Now, whether you are making a YouTube channel, starting a blog,…

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    A visit to Bidar Fort – Travel Blog

    In my previous post, I gave a summary of the Bidar city tour. I told you about the list of places to visit in Bidar and the best one-day itinerary of Bidar city. This post is dedicated to my visit to the Bidar Fort. It is one of the best places to see in Bidar. It gives a beautiful view of the Bidar city. I took an auto-rickshaw from the railway station, as the auto-rickshaw reached the fort, the first glimpse itself impressed me. I entered the fort from the Sharza Darwaza, which is the main gate and most of the tourists enter through this gate only. The fort also has parking…

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    Places to Visit in Bidar – One day Trip

    Hello Traveller. You probably stumbled on this page because you were searching for a one-day trip from Hyderabad and are considering going to Bidar. Let me first tell you you’ve made the right decision, just get into your vehicle and get going. I’m writing this post to tell you a list of places to visit in Bidar. I was searching for a one-day trip destination from Hyderabad and after searching, Bidar seemed to be a perfect choice because it’s not very far and has many tourist attractions. Bidar is a small town in Karnataka and is also termed as the crown of Karnataka state. It’s at a distance of about 130…


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