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Places to Visit in Bidar – One day Trip

Hello Traveller. You probably stumbled on this page because you were searching for a one-day trip from Hyderabad and are considering going to Bidar. Let me first tell you you’ve made the right decision, just get into your vehicle and get going. I’m writing this post to tell you a list of places to visit in Bidar. I was searching for a one-day trip destination from Hyderabad and after searching, Bidar seemed to be a perfect choice because it’s not very far and has many tourist attractions.

Bidar is a small town in Karnataka and is also termed as the crown of Karnataka state. It’s at a distance of about 130 km from Hyderabad. Let’s first look at how to reach Bidar
By Road: – The distance from Hyderabad to Bidar is about 130 Kms. The road is good at some stretches and really bad at some places. It takes around 3 hours to reach Bidar from Hyderabad.
By Rail: – Trains to Bidar are available from Hyderabad Deccan and Secunderabad railway station. Time taken is 3-4 Hrs.

I visited Bidar via train. It took about 3:30 Hrs. to reach there. There are few places to visit on the way to Bidar, if you travel by road. from Hyderabad After getting down at Bidar I decided to first go to Bidar fort. I took an auto-rickshaw for ₹50 from the railway station.

Bidar Fort – Places to visit in Bidar

Bidar Fort is a huge fort build in the 15th century by Bahmani Sultan Ahmad Shah. The fort is quite big, so keep aside at least one hour to see the fort. It’s sad to see that few parts within the fort are locked, but still, the parts that are open for the public are worth visiting. The fort is really beautiful and provided a good view of the area around it. This fort also appeared in the movie the dirty picture and many other movies and music videos
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Bidar Fort - Places to visit in Bidar
Bidar Fort

My next stop was Madarsa of Khoaja Mahmud Gawan. I came out of the fort, after roaming in the fort for about an hour. The madrasa is quite near to the fort, so decided to take a walk. After 10 mins of a walk, I reached the Madarsa.

Madarsa of Khoaja Mahmud Gawan.

The madrasa used to be a major center of learning. The people around told that the madrasa has now shifted to a new place and this structure is empty now. The Mardarsa is beautiful but part of it has raised to the ground. I think that’s the reason they shifted the students elsewhere. After exploring Madarsa I moved on to my next stop, the choubara. From Madarsa, I took 10 mins to walk to reach choubara. There is nothing much to see here, there’s only a clock tower and a market nearby. From there I took an auto-rickshaw to reach papnash temple.

Madarsa of Khoaja Mahmud Gawan. Source:Wiki

Papnash temple

Papnash temple is about 5 km from Choubara and for me, it took around 15 mins to reach there. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, and it is believed that the idol at the temple was installed by Lord Rama while on his way back to Ayodhya. The area around is very peaceful and very few people around and even the road that leads to Papnash temple is very scenic and peaceful.

There is a lake beside the temple, which is also very clean and scenic, and you can sit around if you want to. I had packed my lunch from a Dhaba near the temple and sat near the lake and had my lunch. It was so quiet and peaceful. My next stop was Barid Shahi tombs. I took an auto-rickshaw from the papnash temple to barid shahi tomb, which took ₹30.

Papnash Temple

Barid Shahi garden

This garden has tombs of Baridi kings, and the government have converted the whole area into a park. By looking at the tombs one can tell that they are quite old and probably not touched for renovation or beautification. Nonetheless, they look beautiful.

Again, you have to be a history-loving person to really understand the beauty of the structure. In addition to the tombs there are some activities for children and some well-maintained parks to sit the park Opens after 4 PM, so plan accordingly. There is an entry fee of ₹5 for adults and ₹3 for kids It’s well maintained and clean.  After roaming around the park for about half-hour, I decided to head towards the next stop, the Gurudwara Sri Nanak Jhira Sahib.

Barid Shahi Garden

Gurudwara Sri Nanak Jhira Sahib

From the barid shahi garden, I took an Auto-rickshaw to reach gurudwara. The gurudwara is about 1 Km from the barid shahi garden and took around 5 mins to reach there. The gurudwara holds a very important place in Sikhism. It was built in 1948 and is dedicated to the first Sikh guru, Guru Nanak. I have written a separate post regarding Gurudwara Nanak Jheera.

It’s a magnificent gurudwara and was left awestruck when I entered the campus. Even the main gate is huge and so beautifully built. Before going to pray inside the gurudwara, I went to take a holy dip at Amrut Kund which is right in front of the gurudwara. After the prayer, I roamed around the gurudwara for another 1 hour. Now, It was time to visit the last place before heading back to Hyderabad. Took an auto for ₹10 from gurudwara to the bus stop. The last place I visited was just behind the bus stop called, the memorial garden.

Places to Visit on One day trip to Bidar

Shri Narsimha Jharna Mandir

The temple is located around 3 Kms from main Bidar market. The temple is dedicated to lord Narsimha, an Avtar of Lord Vishnu. We have to cross a water filled cave to take the blessings of Lord Narsimha. The water inside the cave is little muddy because of the number of people visiting the temple. There an entry ticket of ₹10.

The Memorial Garden

The Memorial Garden is quite near to the bus stop and quite big in the area. Upon reaching there I found that is not a well-maintained garden, it’s just an open area, having some tombs some small ones while a really big one in the middle of the garden. Found out that the biggest of the tombs are of Ali Barid and Khasim Barid.
The area of this memorial garden is quite big, but they’re nothing more than these tombs here. Thought the tombs were not well maintained, but the structure looked beautiful, the orangish sun rays at sunset were illuminating these tombs really well and the whole atmosphere of the place was just amazing. One can see a lot of local people wandering around the park, it seemed like the locals come here for evening/morning walks. A lot of people can be seen roaming and jogging in the area.

The sun had set, and I had spent around half-hour in the park and now it was time to leave for Hyderabad.  I had booked the KSRTC sleeper bus for my journey back to Hyderabad. The bus started at 6:30 PM and I reached Hyderabad by 9:30 PM and was back at home by 10:30 PM. I must say the trip was worth it. Got to see so many historical monuments and visited religious places too.

That was my one-day itinerary for Bidar. I enjoyed it a lot and to summarize, I’ll again list down the top Places to visit in Bidar: –

1. Bidar Fort
2. Madarsa of Khoaja Mahmud Gawan.

3. choubara (clock tower)
4. Shri Jharni Narsimha Mandir
5. Papnash temple
6. Barid Shahi Garden
7. Gurudwara Sri Nanak Jhira Sahib
8. Memorial Garden

Happy traveling 🙂


  • abhinav reddy

    I am visitng with a friend of mine from hyderabad.
    1st scenario)- Travel by train. How is the transport locally to visit tourist attratcions ? I mean will you find it difficult to travel from one tourist destination to another.
    2nd ) Travel by car. Do u think car is better to travel in bidar.

    P.s -I did read your blog. It gives me the feeling that all attractions are near by. I don’t know if its true.

    • rohalweblog

      you can travel by train till bidar and for local transportation autorickshaws are available, and yes the tourist attractions are not far from one another. However, if you love road trips then travelling by car is also a good option.

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