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The Pala Pitta Cycling Park of Hyderabad

Cycling is a really popular outdoor activity. Unlike motorcycle riding, it’s environment friendly and is having numerous health benefits. But, cycling on city roads is a challenging task, as they are full of traffic. To tackle this situation, Pala Pitta Cycling Park was opened by the Telangana Forest department in Kondapur, opposite to the Botanical Garden.

Hyderabad does have some cycling trails and obviously, they pass through busy roads. Now, traffic is not an issue for the experienced cyclists. But, for beginners and kids it’s a risky situation. With the opening of this cycling park, kids and beginners can enjoy cycling, without hitting the roads. Moreover, the park is not a small one, its spread over 45 Acres and I feel its sufficient enough.

pala pitta cycling park photos

Pala pitta cycling park Kondapur hyderabad
Pala Pitta Cycling Park, Kondapur – Hyderabad

The Track at pala pitta cycling park

The park has a well-built cycling track of about 4 KMs. The track is well leveled and clean, and a large part of the track is one-way. The park is scenic and provides a good cycling experience. A large part of the track has trees on both sides, giving a good view along with fresh air to breathe.

While you ride through the park, you may spot peacocks and kingfishers in the jungle. They also have a pond inside the park. The trail pass by the pond and you may see some birds near the pond and some taking a dip in it, the overall view is amazing. Apart from a good number of well-grown trees, they have a lot of new saplings too.

Cycling Track at PalaPitta Cycling Park

Pala Pitta Cycling Park entry fee

The entry fee for the Pala Pitta Cycling Park is ₹ 50. The cycling park has a good number of cycles available, and the condition of the bikes is also good, however, they do give helmets if we insist on one. The best part is that there are no timing restrictions, once you are inside, you can ride the bicycle till the park is open. A monthly subscription is also available for ₹ 500

pala pitta cycling park photos
Cycles on rent at Pala pitta Cycling Park

palapitta park timings

Pala Pitta Cycling Park, India’s 1st Cycling Park is opened for only 6 hours a day. The park closes at 10 AM, as the sun becomes unbearable after that. The timings for the park are as under.
Weekdays– (6AM – 10:30 AM) and (3:30PM – 6:00 PM)
Weekend– (6AM – 11:30 AM) and (3:30PM – 6:00 PM

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