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The Botanical Garden at kondapur, Hyderabad

I’ve been living in Gachibowli, Hyderabad since 2016. I visit this garden every week and must say that its a perfect place to start your morning. Sri Kotla Vijaybhaskar Reddy Botanical Garden is not just a botanical garden, it has a lot to offer. Many people come here to jog, exercise, stroll, or do yoga. A lot of professional and amateur photographers can also be seen around the garden doing wildlife photography or professional photoshoots. It is managed by Telangana Forest Department and is a one-stop place for multiple activities and has something for every age group. Read on for more information.

Hyderabad Botanical Garden

As we enter the botanical garden, we are welcomed by beautiful flowers, a turtle-like structure, and a small lake. Some of the plants are well labeled and names are written in English and Telugu. As we move around the botanical garden, we get to see different types of plants. Botany students and enthusiasts might find this place more informative and educational as they have an amazing collection of various types of plants.

Lantana Camara   location: Botanical Garden Kothaguda, Hyderabad

Turnera diffusa       location: Botanical Garden Kothaguda, Hyderabad

Dedicated jogging track

The botanical garden is having a really good jogging track. Both sides of the track are having well grown trees thus giving fresh air and providing a conducive environment for jogging and long walks. The park has dedicated jogging tracks for 3 km and a 2 km run. The jogging tracks are well leveled. If you are searching for some breathing space in the concrete jungle of Cyberabad, you should drop by at this botanical garden, and enjoy the fresh air.

Botanical garden,kothaguda – Hyderabad

Play area

The management of the botanical garden is doing a fabulous job, they are maintaining a play area for small kids and a small playground to play soccer, volleyball, or whatever you want to play. In addition to this, they have an open gym too. I love the play area, I occasionally find school kids playing football in the area and they really never bothered when I join to play with them. The only thing is that you need to bring your own playing stuff.

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Yoga and meditation space

Meditation and yoga are some of the best things to do in the morning. Yoga keeps your body in shape and meditation on the other hand helps in keeping your thought process in shape. The garden has dedicated sheds for doing yoga and meditation, but I prefer to sit on the grass overlooking the water pond or under the fresh air of the trees.

Botanical garden,kothaguda – Hyderabad

A lake to enjoy boating

They had quite a wide open pit available. Once sitting there I was thinking, what if they fill this with water. seems like they actually heard me. Recently they have filled it with water hence forming a small lake. They’ve also kept 2 boats there but its is not operational yet. The view near the lake is really good.

Botanical garden,kothaguda – Hyderabad


Professional photography is no easy task. Besides having a good camera, you need to have a good location too. well, this place is really famous among photographers. A lot of people can be seen doing pre-wedding photo shoots, maternity photo shoots. The price of the photo shoots is quite exorbitant. They charge a fee of ₹4000 for a day and it’s way too costly for video shoots.

Botanical Garden Hyderabad Entry free

Entry fee for Adult is ₹30 and for children is ₹10. Monthly pass is also available for ₹500.

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