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Tea Post – A tea franchisee

There are many people out there who want to start a business and are always in quest of that billion-dollar idea. On the other hand, some people pick up the most common business idea and do it in a better way. One such person is Mr. Darshan Dashani, who came up with the idea of building tea cafes and started this tea franchisee called Tea post

I was sitting at one of the tea post outlets and enjoying my tea with good music playing in my earphones. I got a notification on my phone about the International tea day being observed today. I thought to write something about this topic, as tea is one of my favorite drinks and an energy booster for me. So, decided to write a review of The Tea Post, here goes the review.

Tea post story

The Tea post is a big chain of tea shops spread across Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, and Rajasthan. It’s the brainchild of a person from Rajkot, who started this company, and today it has become a really big franchisee, and currently, they have 150+ shops. Amazing!, Isn’t it. The first time I came to know about tea post, I was amazed to see that how a franchisee can be built even based on such a common product which is having high competition in the market. I think anything is possible with the right kind of attitude and it all boils down to strong will, a strong business model, and of course good investment.
Apart from the tea/coffee, they offer various kinds of snacks such as thepla, samosa, maska bun, poha, etc. I’ve been visiting tea post every weekend and have tried almost everything, so let me share my experience.

Tea Post Tea/ Coffee

I’m personally not a great fan of their tea or coffee. Given the scale of this franchise, you may presume that the tea will blow your mind, but instead, it’s just a normal tea and I didn’t find anything extraordinary in the taste. Coffee is also on similar lines, its not that great yet they charge ₹35 for a cup. Also, ₹20 of a cup of tea is not justified.

Tea Post Ambiance

The thing that makes the franchise so famous is the vibe. The ambiance is not a fancy once, but people like to sit around sipping tea and coffee and the calm and positive vibe of the place makes me visit it frequently. Every outlet is not amazing though. You can sit for as long as you want, and no one will bother you.

Tea Post Food

In snacks, they have many things to offer and I’ve tried them all. But, I liked only a few. Thepla, maska bun are some of them. Again, the prices for snacks too are on the higher side.


Tea post franchisee cost

Many people consider starting a franchise of some renowned brand rather than building own brand. Following are some finance details, If someone thinking to start Tea post franchise. 
Total Investment – 15 Lac (Approx..)
Franchisee fees – 2 Lac
Refundable Security Deposit – 1Lac
Other Expenses (including capex) – 12 Lac
5% Royalty on gross sales per week


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