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Jakhu Temple – must visit place in Shimla

While approaching Shimla, one of the first things you’ll notice is the giant statue of Lord Hanuman on top of a hill. It is called the Jakhu hill, the highest peak in Shimla town. The statue is on the premises of Jakhu Temple, a temple dedicated to lord hanuman. The Lord Hanuman Temple of Jakhu holds a very special place among Hindus, as it is believed that lord hanuman rested here on the jakhu hills while returning from the Himalayas. The Jakhu temple attracts thousands of tourists. It is one of the places to visit in shimla. If you are in Shimla you should give a visit to the jakhu hills.


Lord Hanuman Statue at Jakhu temple, Jakhu Hill

Jakhu Temple history

The Hanuman temple of Jakhu is quite famous. It is believed that Hanuman Ji took rest here when he was returning from the Himalayas, carrying a hill of “Sanjivani Booti”, a herb to save the life of Lakshmana, the younger brother of Lord Rama. The height of Hanuman statue at the Jakhu temple is 108 feet. The statue is just behind the temple which was unveiled in 2011. It was built by sculptors from Rajasthan and has definitely added more charm to the place. The entire premises is well maintained, having ample place to sit and some space for kids to play. I’ve been visiting the temple from childhood and every time I come here I go back with a calmer inner self.

Jakhu temple Ropeway

You might be thinking how to reach Jakhu temple. The best way to reach the temple is by walk. But, all are not fit to take the steep walkway. The Jakhu ropeway is the answer to that problem. It’s the most convenient way to reach the hilltop from Shimla town. Tough one can take a taxi or own vehicle also, but I personally never went by road. The Jakhu temple Ropeway project was stuck in construction mode for a long time. It was finally made operational in 2017. The ride on the rope-way is amazing, it not only provides a great view of the Shimla Hills but also saves time. A beautiful view of Shimla Hills can be seen from inside the cable car.

Jakhu ropeway price

The price for a 2-way journey on the Jakhu ropeway is ₹ 500.

View from the Cable car – Jakhu Ropeway

Jakhu temple by foot

If you’ve included the jakhu temple in your itinerary, then the walkway is the best way to reach there. the path passes through a forest, giving you some time with mother nature. The walkway is quite steep, it does test your fitness, but also provides good views. The walkway starts at the famous ridge ground, on your way you’ll pass through a series of buildings before entering the jungle. After walking through a steep slope of about 2 KM you’ll reach the jakhu hilltop. I do get exhausted but all tiredness vanishes away once I’m inside the temple.

Jakhu Temple by car

Jakhu temple is very well connected by road. The road to Jakhu temple bifurcates from navbahar area of sanjauli. The road is quite congested and steep, so bring your vehicle only if you are well well trained driver. Else, just take a taxi, as they drive on such roads on daily basis

Jakhu temple monkeys

Shimla is full of monkeys and the Jakhu is no exception. There are a lot of monkeys in and around the temple. They can be seen snatching the prasad packets from the devotees. You need to take some precautions when you visit the jakhu temple. Don’t keep anything in your pocket. Yes, you read it correctly. Keep all your mobiles, wallets in your backpacks. Sometimes monkeys block your way and you have no other choice other than to stand still. They literately search your pockets for food, and if you have something in there, they’ll take that, so better keep your pockets empty.
Jai Hanuman !!!


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