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Ahmedabad to Mumbai in a vista dome coach

The Mumbai Ahmedabad Shatabdi Express is running since 1994, the service got extended till Gandhinagar in 2021. The MMCT Shatabdi express with train number 12010 leaves Ahmedabad at 3:10 PM and reaches Mumbai central 9:35 PM. The train number 12009 runs from Mumbai to Ahmedabad. In 2022, after 28 years of service, it got an upgrade in the form of 2 new vista dome coaches. The state-of-the-art vista dome coaches are a must try experience if you are travelling on Mumbai Ahmedabad route.

I’ve always been fascinated about the guard coach of a freight train of Indian railways. I sometimes used to think that how does it feel like travelling on the open patch behind the guard coach. I enjoyed this similar experience recently when I got an opportunity to travel in vista dome coach of the Gandhinagar Mumbai Shatabdi. One of the vista dome coaches of this Shatabdi express is attached to the end of the train. It was a wonderful experience to travel in this vista dome coach, so decided to pen down about this journey in Mumbai Shatabdi Vista dome coach.

What is EV coach in Indian railways

Recently I observed EV2 coach and EV1 coach in train. I researched more and got chance to travel in EV coach in shatabdi. The EV coach in train is the coach code for vista dome coach. The vista dome coaches are manufactured by the Integral Coach factory (ICF) Chennai. These coaches are specially designed to enhance the travelling experience of the tourists. The vista dome coach comes with wide window glasses with a panoramic roof. These coaches have dedicated staff which provide good hospitality to the passengers.

On this train there are 2 vistadome coach, EV1 coach and EV2 coach

EV coach in train in Indian railways
EV Vista Dome coaches in Gandhinagar Mumbai Shatabdi Express
Vista Dome coach
Roof of Vista Dome EV coach

The interior

Each coach can carry a total of 44 passengers. The seats of the vista dome coach are 2×2 arrangement. The seats are really comfortable, the passenger doesn’t feel tired even sitting for long duration. They are reclining seats, and it rotates 90 degrees. which means you are facing the towards the train windows and get to enjoy the picturesque views outside. The washroom is also very neat and clean.

Vista Dome coach in Indian Railways
EV1 coach – Vista Dome coach interior

The viewing gallery on vista dome coach

The rear end of the coach is having a viewing gallery. This gallery provides a really good view of the surroundings. Its not only a viewing gallery but also a good place to socialize. The view from this viewing gallery got enhanced as it was the last coach of the train.

Roof of Vista Dome coach in Indian Railways
Amazing views from the Vista Dome EV coach.

Ahmedabad Mumbai Shatabdi food review

Another highlight of the Gandhinagar Ahmedabad Mumbai Shatabdi is the amazing food offered. I was surprised by the food offered on the train. From snacks to dinner, the train served it all with really good quality.

The snacks

15 Minutes after the train left from the station, we were offered welcome drink and snacks. The snacks included Kachori, soan papdi, sandwich, Mango juice and teak kit. The kachori was warm and tasty. The sandwich too was yummy. As soon as the snacks finished, the tea got served.

Food in Mumbai Ahmedabad Shatabdi express
Tea and Snacks served in the Vista Dome coach of the Indian railways.

The Dinner on Vista Dome Coach

I’m not a big fan of food served in railways, but this was different. Before the dinner got served, we were given a bowl of soup. It was a knorr brand soup, served with breadsticks and butter. The complete combo was yummy. The quality of food was really good. The dinner included mattar paneer, Mixed veg, rice, dal, chapati, pickle and curd. All the items were warm and really good in taste. Especially the mattar paneer was really yummy.

Food in Mumbai Ahmedabad Shatabdi express
Dinner on VistaDome coach of Indian Railways
Food in Mumbai Ahmedabad Shatabdi express

Ahmedabad Mumbai Shatabdi Vista dome booking guide

There are 2 vista dome coaches in Gandhinagar Capital – Mumbai Central Shatabdi Express (Train number 12010 /12009). If you are travelling in train number 12010(towards Mumbai) then opt for EV2 coach while booking the tickets. If you are travelling in train number 12009 (towards Gandhinagar) then opt for EV1 coach while booking tickets. This way your coach will be the last coach of train and you’ll get the best experience of a vista dome coach.

Vistadome coach ticket price

From Ahmedabad to Mumbai, the ticket price is ₹2200. I boarded the train in Vadodara and it costed me ₹ 1930.

July 2023 update

The Ahmedabad Mumbai Shatabdi is the only train with vista dome coach on this route. The vista dome coaches from karnavati express and Double decker express have been removed.

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