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A Ride on a local train – The MMTS Hyderabad

Ever since I’ve came to Hyderabad, I’ve only traveled by cabs or autos when going somewhere in the city. Earlier this week I was supposed to go see Chowmahalla palace with my friend. This time I took the MMTS local train instead of traveling by cab or auto. Well, I’ve done only long-distance travel by train, and this was my first time that I’ve traveled through a local train and obviously, I was quite excited to travel by a local train to commute within the city. Hyderabad MMTS (Multi-Modal Transport System), which is a local train network in Hyderabad and Secunderabad

It was obvious that first I searched for a cab and to my surprise, both Ola and Uber were charging around ₹ 200 for the trip. I was really not in a mood to spend ₹ 200 for a 15KM trip, so my friend suggested me to try the Hyderabad MMTS, that was a great suggestion, as I have never used the local train before. I got ready and hopped on to a running auto-rickshaw going towards the Hafizpet railway station (nearest railway station near my house).

The train was about to come so I quickly went to the ticket counter to buy the ticket. I was surprised to see that they were charging only ₹ 5 for a 15 KM journey, that’s really cheap. But the disadvantage is that it has only two routes hence covering a very small part of the city. Follow the link to see the complete route map of the Hyderabad MMTS

Hyderabad MMTS | local train

MMTS Hyderabad

Ride on MMTS Hyderabad

All excited, I boarded the next train going towards Faluknuma. The train was not much crowded, as it was not peak hour. The person standing next to me told that it’s crowded during peak hours. I stood near the door, watching the buildings, trees passing by, and enjoying the cold air rushing through the wide-open train doors. I think the best way to enjoy a train ride is to stand at the train door, though it’s not recommended at all yeah, it’s fun you can enjoy the view outside along with the cool air flowing. Random thoughts running in my mind, and suddenly someone touched my hand, I looked, and I saw one beggar standing near me, asking me to put something in her bowl. See the level of poverty in India, forget about stations beggars board trains to collect money. I realized how good our life is and still, we brag about the problems faced by us at work, at home, etc.

Don’t criticize what you have. If you don’t like it, then make a move to change it.
But always remember, not to criticize, respect what you have !!!

Anyways, I got down after 4 stations, where my friend was waiting for me. The ride was good and loved it. Well, as I told I took this ride to meet my friend. we went to visit Chowmahalla palace, which is one of the must-visit places in Hyderabad.

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  • Atulmaharaj

    This surely seems like a wonderful ride. When I first came to Hyderabad, I used the MMTS and even today if I have to go anywhere and MMTS is a viable option, I always opt for it. Great stuff !

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