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When a common man stood against Raja virbhadra singh

Election commission recently announced the poll dates for Himachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly elections for 2017. As I read the news, a flashback of 2012 ran through my mind. Last time assembly elections were held in November 2012. I had actively participated in those elections, as my uncle was contesting for the legislative assembly from our constituency, and also it was for the first time I voted in an election.

I was in college that time and I remember how actively I took part in my uncle’s election campaign, he was fielded by the BJP as a candidate for Legislative assembly against Virbhadra Singh of Congress. Of course, it was a big election for us, contesting against Vir Bhadra Singh, the chief minister candidate of the congress was not going to be an easy task.

The mood of people was inclined towards congress, it was clear that Congress was going to win the election and Vir Bhadra Singh was going be the next CM. people said, who will vote for my uncle when they have an option to vote for a candidate, who is going to be the next chief minister.

But my uncle took it head-on. We knew that he didn’t have any chance against Vir Bhadra Singh. But he didn’t give up and planned well for the election campaign. Well, he has contested a lot of elections and has done well and we were sure he’ll do good in this one too. Everyone tried to contribute in whatever way they can. I and my cousins were also very actively campaigning for him throughout the constituency. Distributing pamphlets, sticking posters, canvassing had become our daily routine and I hardly went to college.

Well, it was obvious that he could not win but it was good to see that my uncle was successfully able to garner 10000 votes out of 42000 total votes that were polled. The election process taught a lot of things. I got to know how these big political organizations work, how to interact with different kinds of people, how to manage resources.

And above all, I learned that never feel inferior to anyone. You may not be as good as them, but surely you have the capability.

                          “Never give up”

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