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Kayaking in Hyderabad near Ananthagiri

After exploring the Ananthagiri Hills, we were sitting at the Anathagiri viewpoint. While sitting there, we could see 2-3 water bodies and I felt like visiting them. Upon enquiring we found out that there is a check dam near Ananthagiri called Kotapally check dam. someone told that it is very scenic place and kayaking is also available there. So, we sat in our car and started our journey towards the dam.

Kayaking in Hyderabad at kotapally reservoir
Kotapally Check Dam (Vikarabad)

Kotapally check dam

Trip to kotapally reservoir is a perfect weekend gateway. The area around the reservoir is quite peaceful and the view of the dam is really refreshing. It was full of people, some were kayaking, some were just playing in the water and some were just chilling on the sides of the dam. I was feeling hungry but there are not many options to choose from so just had some pakodas and Maggie. Remember to take some food items with you as there are not much options available to eat.

Kayaking in Hyderabad at kotapally reservoir
Kayaking in kotapally check dam, Hyderabad ( near Anathagiri hills)

How to reach Kotapally reservoir

Kotapally check dam is located at a distance of 18 KMs from Ananthagiri. We have to take vikarabad- tandur road and then take right at dharur to enter the link road. Signboards are placed on the road, so reaching here is not that difficult. The road is okay and the area from which the road passes is really scenic and was full of greenery. Lush green fields on both sides of the road and a cool breeze flowing along with the good music playing in the car made the journey more beautiful.

Kayaking at Kotapally reservoir

Kayaking is an amazing recreational activity. The water level at the reservoir is low, so kayaking is definitely not risky here. Due to less water current and less depth, kayaking in kotapally reservoir is not a tiring one. But, one thing to note is that Children are not allowed to kayak here. Following are the charges for kayaking for adults

Kayaking charges at kotapally check dam
Single ride- ₹ 250 for 30 mins
Double ride (in pair of two) – ₹ 450 for 30 mins

Best Time to visit kotapally reservoir for kayaking

The best time to visit kotapally is during the monsoon, as there is greenery all around. Also, the water level in the dam is good during the monsoon.

Kayaking in Hyderabad at kotapally reservoir
Kayaking in kotapally check dam, Hyderabad ( near Anathagiri hills)


  • Arvind

    I was only aware of Kayaking at Hussain sagar lake. This one we visited after lockdown. Good outing

  • Sateesh

    What is the contact number of the organisers of Kayaking? Is it open now? Is there any weight restrictions for the over weight persons etc.

    • rohalweblog

      Hi Sateesh, I dont have the contact number. It is open nowadays. But, I would suggest to go after rains, because the water level is less. I guess there is no restriction on weight.

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