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A Weekend drive to Ananthgiri hills Vikarabad

How do you feel when the weather is pleasant outside? I feel really different than usual, I’m happier and calmer. It was one such day in September with amazing weather outside. The previous day was raining and today it’s not, the cloudy weather was making it a good day to go out as we don’t have to face the sun rays. we had earlier decided to go Srisailam but due to some reason plan got canceled and then one of my friends suggested this long drive to Ananthagiri hills. I have heard good reviews about this place before. After reaching there realized that it’s worth visiting and the praise that I’ve heard was worth it.

Ananthagiri viewpoint

How to reach Ananthagiri

It is a small village located near vikarabad area. It takes around 2 hours drive to reach Ananthagiri. It is quite a good place to visit, having a really amazing viewpoint overlooking the countryside area and is full of trees. The road to Ananthagiri is equally pleasing. The road passes through the villages, providing a great view on both sides of the road. Ananthagiri is about 80 km from Hyderabad and it takes about 2 hours drive to reach there. There are 3 different routes to reach there, we went through Chevella road, as it is the shortest one. The road to Ananthagiri is really awesome and full of scenic beauty.

On The way to Ananthagiri

Sri Anantha Padmanabha Swamy Temple

After reaching Ananthagiri, we found out that it has a temple too and that too quite a famous one. It holds special importance for the localities. We too went for darshan at the temple. After visiting the temple we move towards the viewpoint. The viewpoint is a good place to sit and have a good time with your friends, family. There is also a small waterfall near the viewpoint, but unfortunately, water was not there when we went. It was a Saturday and as expected there were a lot of people at the viewpoint. There are no eating points there, so take food along with you. Sit, eat, and enjoy the view.

Forest trails at Ananthgiri hills

The Ananthagiri hills are full of greenery and there is a thick forest cover, and it definitely is a good place for forest trails. However, the place is really quiet, hence security is definitely a concern. But if you are in a group then add forest trial to your to-do list and you are in for a good time. Far away from the chaos of the city, the forest trail was a stress reliever. We did get tired while walking in the forest, but it’s worth it. Breathing fresh air surrounded by tall trees, awesome experience indeed.

Forest Trail in Ananthagiri

After having enjoyed the forest trail, it was time to do kayaking. It was my first-time experience of kayaking, which I’ll be talking about in the next post.

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