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Places to visit in Ahmedabad – Complete guide

Ahmedabad, the first UNESCO Heritage city of India, stands as a perennial favorite among travelers. Whether you’re drawn by its rich history or vibrant culture, Ahmedabad promises an enriching experience for every visitor. In this guide, we’ll explore the essential places to visit in Ahmedabad to ensure you make the most of your trip, even within a short span of 2-3 days.

Best time to visit Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad has a semi-arid and hot climate. The ideal time to visit Ahmedabad is from November to February. I also liked the Monsoon in Ahmedabad. But the negative point is that the rain might hinder your plans to visit the places. I would recommend to visit Ahmedabad during the international kite festival. It is an 8-day festival which starts around 6th January and culminates on the day of Uttrayan. Now that you know the best time to visit Ahmedabad, lets me tell you the famous places to visit in Ahmedabad.

The Ahmedabad Heritage walk

The Ahmedabad heritage walk is a must do activity in Ahmedabad if you want to understand the history of the Old city of Ahmedabad. The Municipal corporation of Ahmedabad organizes the Ahmedabad heritage walk every morning that takes us through the old streets of Ahmedabad. It is a 2-hour walk that gives us an insight into the history of Ahmedabad. The Heritage walk starts at Swaminarayan Temple and ends at the Jama Masjid. The heritage walk takes us to many heritage places, I’ve written a separate post with Ahmedabad heritage walk review.

Sabarmati Ashram

The Sabarmati ashram is the first ashram that Mahatma Gandhi started in India, when he returned back from South Africa. The Ashram is a museum that holds various artifacts, pictures related to Mahatma Gandhi and the freedom struggle. The museum gives complete information about Gandhi’s contribution towards Independence of India. Things like letters, handwritten notes, etc. made an extra impact on me. I must say I came out more informed about mahatma Gandhi.

The Gandhiji’s room is kept as it is with a weaving wheel. The other rooms as well are also very clean and well maintained. In addition to the viewing galleries there is also a small shop where you can buy books, hand woven cloth and other souvenir. The overall peaceful atmosphere at the Ashram complex makes it a really good place to sit and be with yourself.

Places to visit in Ahmedabad

Sabarmati River Front

The Sabarmati riverfront has become the icon of modern Ahmedabad. The kite festival is also organized at the Sabarmati riverfront. The riverfront is quite famous among the locals, as it provides a lot of activities to do. I’m listing down the things to do at the Sabarmati River front.

  • The flower park
  • Cycling at Sabarmati River front
  • Atal foot over bridge
  • The biodiversity park
  • Helicopter ride
  • Boating
Sabarmati river front | Places to visit in Ahmedabad

Adalaj Ni vav

Adalaj Ni Vav is a stepwell located at a distance of about 18 km from the city center. The magnificent stepwell is a must visit place in Ahmedabad. The architecture of the stepwell is really beautiful. The kind of artwork done on the pillars and the walls of the step-well is incredible. I have written a dedicated blog post on Adalaj Ni Vav, please click HERE to read it. Given the distance from the city center, you’ll have to hire a cab to reach there.

Adalaj Stepwell | Places to visit in Ahmedabad
Adalaj Stepwell – places to visit in ahmedabad

Sarkhej Roza

The Sarkhej Roja was built in the 15th and 16th century. The Sarkhej Roja was initially built in memory of Shaikh Ahmed Khattu Ganj, who was an advisor of Sultan Ahmed shah (founder of Ahmedabad). Over the years multiple structures added to the Sarkhej Roja complex. The Sarkhej Roza contains a beautifully designed mosque and some tombs. The Beautiful complex of Sarkhej Roza is a must-visit place in Ahmedabad. It is an example of Indo-Saracenic architecture, a composition of Persian Islamic style, Hindu and Jain features. Some scenes of Shah Rukh Khan‘s movie Raees were shot here.

Places to visit in Ahmedabad
Sarkhej Roza – places to visit in ahmedabad

Siddi Sayyedi Mosque

The Siddi Sayyedi Mosque is located in the center of the old city. It is famous for its beautiful window meshes. Hence, a lot of people visit the Mosque mainly to see these window Mesh called Jhali. Do you know that IIM Ahmedabad logo comes from the designs on one of the Window meshes of the Siddi Sayyedi Mosque. I have written a separate post regarding the Siddi Sayyedi Mosque. Please click HERE to read the complete post.

Siddi Sayyedi Mosque | Places to visit in Ahmedabad
Siddi Sayyedi Mosque places to visit in ahmedabad

Hutheesing Jain temple

The Hutheesing Jain temple is one of the must visit places in Ahmedabad. The temple was built in 1848 by the hutheesing family. It is dedicated to deity Dharmanantha. The temple is really beautiful, I really loved the intricate carvings on the pillars and the walls. Once inside the temple we can feel the peace and overall atmosphere is so soothing. I must say it’s an architectural masterpiece.

Hutheesing Jain Temple | Places to visit in Ahmedabad
Hutheesing Jain Temple places to visit in ahmedabad

Dada Hari Vav – A stepwell

Dada Hari vav is a must visit heritage places in Ahmedabad. It is more than 600 years old. There is a stepwell and a mosque in the complex. On entry we get to see beautiful stepwell and behind that there is equally beautiful mosque. The art done on the stepwell pillars and walls is mesmerizing and remined me of Adalaj ni vav.

I felt, I could have skipped Adalaj ni Vav (as its far from main city). But, yeah, it’s more refined and beautiful than this. Apart from the stepwell there is a mosque behind the stepwell, and it is as beautiful as the stepwell. The stone carvings on the pillars, windows and doors are superb. It’s really a pretty place and will take an Hour to visit this place.

Dada Hari vav | Places to visit in Ahmedabad
Dada Hari vav – places to visit in ahmedabad

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Memorial

I didn’t have this on my list initially. But while coming from airport I saw the gate of the memorial. I googled about it and added to my list. On the last day before my flight I visited, The sardar Vallabhbhai Patel memorial. It is a perfect place to know all about the Iron man of India. There are a number of pictures with good amount of information. Also, there are some things belonging to Sardarji on display. The cherry on cake is the informative laser show that happens after the sunset. The laser show official timing is 7PM, but it also depends on the sunset.

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Memorial -Places to visit in Ahmedabad
Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Memorial

Kankariya Lake

Kankariya lake is a manmade lake constructed in the 15th Century. The whole area around the lake is really well maintained and offers a lot of things to do. Once you are inside you can easily spend 3-4 hours here doing different activities. Entry fee to the park is ₹10, but for the activities inside the lake area, you have to buy separate tickets. The walkway around the lake feels really peaceful. It is visited by a lot of people every day especially during weekend, yet the cleanliness was really good. Following are the things to do at kankaria lake.

  • Evening laser Show
  • Visit the Kamla Nehru Zoo
  • Butterfly Musuem
  • Nocturanal Animal Museuem
  • Toy train ride
  • Boating
  • Horror House
  • Kids play area
  • cycling
Kankariya Lake
Kankariya Lake

Akshardham Temple

The Akshardham temple is located in the capital city of Gandhinagar. It takes about 30-45 mins to reach Akshardham temple from Ahmedabad. Although, it’s a worship places but a lot of people visit this temple for its architecture and landscape. The multimedia show is one more attraction of the Akshardham temple. You can visit Adalaj stepwell on the way back to Ahmedabad.

Akshardham Temple | Places to visit in Ahmedabad
Akshardham Temple

List of Places to visit in Ahmedabad

  • Sabarmati Asharm
  • Sabarmati river front
  • Sarkhej roja
  • Kankariya lake
  • Sardar Vallabhai memorial
  • Ahmedabad heritage walk
  • Huthee singh jain temple
  • siddi sayeed jali
  • Akshardham temple
  • Adalaj stepwell
  • Dada hari step well

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