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Kalpa – One day Halt on the way to Spiti

Day 1 of our trip was really good. After a fun filled drive from Solan to Kalpa, we had an amazing time together after dinner. The trip buddies were real entertainers. A trip becomes more joyful when you have such people traveling with you. I went to bed quite late, yet I got up quite early the next day. Usually, I get up after snoozing off my alarm multiple times. But it was different that day, I woke up automatically at 6 AM in the morning. As I woke up, I headed straight to the hotel lobby to see the morning view,

Kinner Kailash View from Kalpa

As I was told by my friend that the hotel lobby provides a breathtaking morning view. Indeed he was right. We see an amazing view of the Kinner Kailash mountain, covered in snow, the view was spectacular. You just can’t afford to miss the morning sunrise magic that happens when the sun rises from behind the Kinner Kailash mountain, lovely !!! and the cherry on the cake was the spotting scope, thanks to the the Echor Kalpa who has kept the spotting scope on the terrace, with the help of which I was able to see Kinner Kailash up close.

View from The hotel
Sunrise at Kalpa – A View from The hotel at Kalpa

Kalpa Village

After witnessing the sunrise, it was time to stroll around the Kalpa village to get some understanding of the place. Though the sun was up, yet it was cold due to chilly winds flowing from the snow-covered Kinner Kailash mountain. Walking past the apple orchards, all I heard was the gushing sound of water flowing in the nearby Sutlej river tributary. We can observe the vernacular Kinnauri Houses around the village, which gives a glimpse of the rich heritage that the region possesses.

Though you can see the impact of modernization, still, some people are preserving the rich kinnauri heritage. There is a lot of influence of Buddhism in the Kinnaur and Lahaul Spiti region of Himachal Pradesh, due to its proximity to Tibet, while strolling in the village, one can feel the confluence of both religions.

Weather in Kalpa
Kalpa village

Vising Temple and monastery in Kalpa

Standing on the premises of Hu Bu Lan Kar monastery, I was hearing Buddhist monks reciting their morning prayers, and also I was able to hear the bells ringing in a temple nearby, I followed the sounds and found a temple just meters ahead called Narayan Nagini Temple, the temple structure provides a glimpse of the local craftmanship.

After roaming around the village and chit-chatting with some of the villagers, it was time to head back to hotel and have some breakfast. The breakfast was really good and now it was time to load our luggage onto our cars and embark on our journey to Kaza, more about that in the next blog post.

Trek to Chaka meadows

Chaka meadows are located above Kalpa. The trek to Chaka meadows is an amazing experience. The trek takes around 4-5 Hours. The trek passes through dense forest and the water stream flowing along the trail is really refreshing to see. Though the trek passes through forests, it opens up to really nice views of the kinner kailash.

Other places to visit in Kalpa and reckong peo:

There are plenty of other places to visit in Kalpa, which you can cover in a day.

  • Suicide Point
  • Roghi village
  • Chandika Deviji Kila
  • Chaka meadows
  • Maa Chandike Durga Ji Temple

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