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Langza Village- The Popular Fossil Village

After wandering around Kaza, it was time to visit some village near Kaza. There are a lot of villages that one can visit near Kaza, like Langza, Hikkim, Komic, Kibber, chicham. This post is dedicated to the Langza village. We couldnt visit the other villages because the snow had blocked the roads. One more reason to avoid other places was that we went during the mating season of the local wildlife species such as Ibex and snow leopards.

Langza is famous among tourists, mainly because of the giant buddha statue, and the amazing view of the snow-laden mountains. The road from Kaza to Langza is mostly tarmac. The journey to Langza is full of scenic beauty. If you’re lucky, you might see Ibex on your way. I was in awe, after reaching Langza. The spectacular view of the village, the Budha statue, overlooking snow-laden mountains, everything was amazing and refreshing to see. To summarize following are the things you can do in Langza

Langza village
Farm Fields at Langza

The Fossil village of India

We all know that the complete Himalayan range was formed after the collision of the continental plates. As a result of collision the Tethys sea disappeared. The marine life which was present turned into fossils, which took lakhs of years to happen. These marine fossils can be found in the Langza village. It is believed that these fossils date back to about 150 million years. The fossils were seen quite frequently around this region, hence Langza is also called as Fossil village of India.

langza fossils
langza fossils

Langza Budha statue

The giant langza Buddha statue, situated on the peak near the village, overlooks the valley and gives a feeling like the almighty is guarding the area. In social media language, the statue is the most instagrammable place in Langza.

langza buddha statue history

The Budha statue at langza was build by the villagers. In a simpler terms we can term it as the local village worship place. The villagers believe that the Buddha statue guards there village from the negative energy. Furthermore, the statue is west facing because the people here think that the negative energy comes from the west.

langza buddha statue photos
langza buddha statue

The landscape & Wildlife at Langza

The view from the top of Langza is just amazing, One might keep snapping and admire the land space without getting bored. This area around Langza is home to Ibex and Himalayan goats, If you get lucky enough, you might see them up close. We indeed were lucky to get some glimpse of the herd of Ibex, which were grazing near the road. Please make sure to not disturb them intentionally.

Herd of Ibex in Langza Spiti valley

Chitchat with locals of Langza

Though we tourists enjoy the view and the scenery, the people living there have to face challenges on daily basis, which I realized after talking to some of the villagers. Yes, the place looks beautiful, but the life there is equally difficult. The kids their have to travel down to Kaza to attend their school, we distributed some books and tracksuits to the kids there.

A group photo with some local children. Himalayan tribe distributed stationary to them

Off-Roading enroute Langza

As I said, the road to Langza is good, but there are some wide open patches in between which provide good opportunities to off-road. The owners of 4X4 vehicles in our convoy couldn’t resist themselves doing some off-roading. I’m not a really big fan of stunts on Off-road, but yea the first experience that day was amazing

After spending a good amount of time in Langza, it was time to go back to Kaza. While ascending towards Kaza, you can also choose to go towards Hikkim, which is home to the highest post office in the world. The road towards Hikkim bifurcates just before the Langza village entrance.

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  • Priya

    June 2022 ,I stayed for a night here in Langza. It is worth visiting this village. and yes , we too saw some wildlife there 🙂

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