Bhurshing Mahadev Temple
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Bhurshing Mahadev – A trip to Bhureshwar Mahadev Temple

Every weekend a lot of people from Chandigarh and nearby areas rush to the hills of Himachal to get away from the city chaos. If you are also looking for a short one-day trip from Chandigarh, then Bhurshing Mahadev is the perfect place to be. Bhureshwar Mahadev temple / Bhurshing Mahadev temple is situated on top of a hill near Nahan. Apart from being a religious place, it has become a tourist place in recent years, as the views from the temple are breathtaking.

Bhurshing Mahadev

Bhurshing Mahadev temple History

Bhurshing Mahadev temple is built on a cliff, it is believed that Lord Shiva and Parvati witnessed the Mahabharat from this place. According to another legend, it is believed that two siblings died at this spot, the brother-sister duo was considered to be having some powers, which was vested in them by lord Shiva. They used to come here to graze their cattle.

One day one of the calves got lost in the surrounding jungle and they went back to their house with the remaining cattle. Their stepmother was really cruel to them, she ordered them to search for the calf and bring it back home. Siblings went in search of the calf, and it also started to rain. The weather continued to worsen. Looking at the weather condition, the brother asked her sister to go home while he stayed back searching for the calf. Both calf and the boy became motionless near the dev shilla.

Sometime later, the sister also died near the present bhurshing mahadev temple. she jumped from the palanquin in which she was being carried after the marriage. Using her powers, she converted in a water stream.

Reaching Bhurshing Mahadev by road

We can reach the Bhureshwar Mahadev temple via link road that bifurcates from the Solan-Nahan highway near a place called Panwa, the link Road to Burshing Mahadev is an adventure in itself, the road is not in good condition, and it requires good driving skills to drive on that road. The road is in really bad shape, and one should avoid if you are not experienced enough to drive on hills.

Bhurshing Mahadev Trek

There are two trek routes to reach Bhureshwar Mahadev temple. The first trek route starts from a place called Kwagdhar. This trek route is more scenic than the second one. There are some amazing views on the way to temple. You’ll observe cattle grazing in the wild on your way. The path passes through a jungle and is quite scenic. Stones have been laid on the path which makes it smooth to walk. It would take you 30 – 45 mins to reach the temple depending on you pace. The second trek route starts from Panwa. This route is shorter than the first one but its comparatively less scenic.

No matter through which route you reach, I can guarantee you’ll have a great time at the top. Also, I would request all to keep the place clean, please don’t litter.

Divya shila

Divya Shilla is a huge rock, located just behind the Bhureshwar Mahadev temple. Beyond this rock, there is a steep cliff. And the view of the villages from here is mesmerizing. Many people throw coins on this rock. It is believed that if your coin stays on the rock, then you wish is fulfilled. The Divya Shilla rock is little inclined, which makes it difficult to stand upon.

Divya Shila at Bhurshing Mahadev
The view of Divya Shila and the view seen from the Bhureshwar Mahadev temple

Bhureshwar mahadev distance from chandigarh

The temple is situated at about 70 Kms from Chandigarh if you opt to travel via kumarhatti. To shorten the distance by ~15 Kms you can take the link road which diverts from chakki mod. The link road via chakki mod is less travelled, as the road via kumarhatti is really well maintained.

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